No one loves working retail. And if they do, they're lying to you, or extremely extroverted. Between working with miserable managers who view their jobs as dead-end careers, dealing with the public on a daily basis, and working weird hours, a lot of retail workers are on the verge of snapping. And a few just did.

Three employees, who worked at a Journeys retail store and held management positions, posted a large and lengthy note on the store's gate as to why they were resigning, and they didn't hold anything back. Posted in the note is such language as, "Since you decided to say, 'Cancer is not an excuse,' and think it's OK to swear at your employees, like you do all the time, WE QUIT."

Even better, this took place in the middle of back-to-school season. Which more than inconvenienced the local parents whose teens want loud, high-top sneakers and the latest pair of Sperry Top-Siders.

Let's just hope these workers have another reference to use as they search for their next jobs in a shrinking and highly-competitive market. Based on their spelling of their boss' "roll," they have a few skills they'll need to brush-up on.

[via Gawker]