ISAORA continues to flip our wigs with how its able to integrate technical fabrics into clothes that are equal parts stylish. For spring/summer 2014, the New York City brand relies on wardrobe essentials such as the motorcycle jackets, baseball jerseys, varsity jackets, and shorts and T-shirts that you can either style or workout in, but upgrades them with cutting-edge technology such as nylon-bonded lambskin, taped seams, storm cotton, triple-layer nylon chambray, and no-sew bonding.

It's the exaclty mix between sportswear and menswear that we've been raving about, but these garments might actually out-perform those that are made strictly for athletic purposes—and it's all done so effortlessly. To prove how natural these pieces look amongst the city landscape, the brand enlisted photographer Liam Goslett to shoot an editorial on the rooftops of New York City. 

From the photos, we can imagine ourselves tossing on the jacket, styling along the downtown streets, then biking home, breaking a sweat, and not feeling it at all. If this is what the future of menswear looks like, then we'll toss tradition to the wind, and be comfortable while doing it.

[via GQ]

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