G-Dragon: “I didn’t really like it when it was YSL, but I’ve been a fan since it became Saint Laurent because I’m a huge fan of [creative director] Hedi Slimane. I’ve been a fan of all the brands Hedi Slimane was a part of—I really liked Dior Homme when he was there, and bought a lot of pieces from Dior. And when Hedi Slimane left [in 2007] and Kris Van Assche started working on it, I kind of stopped wearing Dior. And then when Hedi started working on Saint Laurent [in 2012]…I mean, personally, I shouldn’t really say this, but Saint Laurent right now just looks like Dior Homme. [Laughs.] It’s Saint Laurent, but it’s just like Dior Homme. It’s just a unique trait of Hedi Slimane. Plus he took the ‘Y’ in YSL. It’s supposed to be Yves Saint Laurent, but he just took out the ‘Yves.’ I think that’s really admirable.”