Produced by: Choice37

Choice37: “GD had the concept and chorus to this song before I made the beat. YG suggested I produce the song, so I went in and tried my best to match the energy of what GD had.”

G-Dragon: “It’s a fast record. It’s kind of like ‘Crayon.’ I wrote it thinking that it’s going to kick off the album, so I didn’t want it to sound weak—I wanted it to sound crazy.”

Choice37: “We had about four versions of this song until we felt like we got it right. A few of the versions I thought sounded great, but GD wasn't happy with it, so he rewrote his verse a couple times.”

G-Dragon: “From the rap to sound effects to ad libs, I think I screamed a lot, too. I didn’t think it was right to sound sluggish or laid-back, so I just kept running.”

Choice37: “A couple of fun facts about the song: The sound at the beginning is the sound of a cash counter. The song was originally going to be a short intro, but it felt so good that we made it into a full song. And the song is used as the intro to a new reality show called Win, which is about a new boy band that’s going to debut through YG Entertainment very soon.”