Teranishi recently released their third iteration of the Indigo Collection. Featuring natural indigo dye, the hand crafted pieces are each individually dyed along with the linen thread used to hold everything together. The collection has a little something for everyone, including coasters. Do you guys use coasters? I try to but then I realize I only have, like, two and I can never remember where they are in my house because they’re coasters and the furniture I own isn’t really coaster-worthy. That being said, coasters can be cool. They make you look like you have a strong sense of interior design and that you’re a good host. Or you’re really uptight because, "C’mon my man, this is an Ikea coffee table and you totally let your cat just rub its ass all over it, but you’re worried about the condensation from my glass of water?" Don’t be uptight, just have the coasters already out on the coffee table. Everyone will use them naturally and you don’t have to be the guy that goes around making sure everyone has a fucking coaster.