On Wednesday, an interactive art exhibition called "Blow Your Head" opened at Sonos Studio in Los Angeles. The show is the brainchild of a house music DJ named Thomas Wesley Pentz. You know him as Diplo.

"Blow Your Head" consists of Shane McCauley's photographs of Diplo's world travels, from raging at concerts to walking along the beach. According to Vibe, the exhibition space at Sonos Studio is "an acoustically-designed listening gallery that explores the intersection of music, art, and technology."

Besides the photos, the exhibition will feature a musical element where visitors can pick songs from a variety of Diplo-curated international music blogs that range from Jamaica to Brazil to South Africa. Diplo has also selected videos to accompany the songs.

"Blow Your Head" is on view at Sonos Studio until October 6.

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[via Vibe