Instrumental hip-hop duo Blue Sky Black Death wanted to make sure their new album, Glaciers, translated to fans visually as well as musically. To ensure this, they tapped illustrator, designer, and famed tattoo artist MxM to design the cover of their new record.  

The design features a reliably dark spin on occult imagery, with a line drawing of a raven grappled at by a skeletal hand. This is superimposed within an eclipsed orb that features sacred geometry throughout its circumference. While all this is familiar territory for MxM—who also runs Sang Bleu magazine—the vibrant color palette that overlays the drawing is not quite as recognizable as the artist usually creates two-toned work.

But then again, reading the label’s description of the work, MxM’s design is almost too perfect. Here’s what they had to say:

The listener is placed directly into the eye of the storm as all around him chords and vocals swell and fall, awash in sweeping waves of synth and bass. The effect is sometimes chaotic but never violent. Blue Sky Black Death craft music of tumultuous beauty; music at once both exciting and soothing. Predicated on this contradiction, their compositions coalesce into a singular harmony. They form a new terrain from disparate building blocks, a vast alien expanse of sound waiting to be explored.

Sounds like a flurry of color and stars with a macabre theme to us.

MxM recently produced a collaboration with the Alexander McQueen McQ label. 

Glaciers comes out October 1 on Fake Four Records. MxM is @mxmttt on Twitter, mxmtt on Instagram, and on Tumblr.

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