Azealia Banks has another controversial opinion. This time, the Harlem rapper thinks that urban black men—and dudes in general—shouldn't be into fashion.

In her latest Twitter rampage, Banks goes on to state:

And follows the statement up with a tweet that reveals her belief that a man should be stylish, but not into fashion:

But Banks didn't stop there with her comments, she goes on to say that certain guys have misplaced values, and would rather spend their money on clothes than for opportunities to travel the world:

Does she have a point? Banks goes on end her Twitter rant with a reflection that dudes should spend their money on going to Paris instead of buying Paris fashion:

It's no surprise that Banks spoke her mind, she does it quite often. But this time her comments, even though so frequent, strike a chord. Kanye West's interview with Zane Lowe on BBC 1—which contained more than its share of fashion quotes—is currently one of the biggest topics of discussion. But it doesn't take too much recalling to also remember the rapper's beef with the Fashion Killa, A$AP Rocky, because of his comments about which complexion of women should wear what shade of lipstick.

The debate of fashion versus style is something that we engage in daily. Some say fashion is temporary while style lives forever. Which may be true, but to totally disregard all elements of the fashion world leaves dudes in the dark, and that's never a fun place to be. No matter how rogue or independently steezy you are.

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