Artists don't always understand athletes and vice versa, but these professional athletes occasionally use painting to keep calm from their high-stress, high-pressure lives. Even if they aren't the world's most talented artists, there is really something to be said about successful people who step out of their comfort zone and try new things. Serena Williams took time to learn how to paint in Paris during her visit for the French Open. Jeremy Evans turned his portrait of himself dunking into a "dunkception" performance piece by actually dunking over it. Even athletes that don't paint still have their ways of embracing art; Tyson Chandler and Usain Bolt have both taken up photography. And Carmelo Anthony and Shaquille O'Neal are known for their art collections. However they choose to do it, it's great to see America's sports stars embracing the art world. Here is our list of 10 Athletes Who Paint.

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