Apple's glass cube store has become one of the most recognizable retail spaces in New York City and for the company in general. They have decided to go in a different direction with their smaller stores, but will keep the basic elements that consumers have come to expect. The photos above show a newly unveiled space with lots of windows for light and visibility (315 degrees around) and a much wider layout as opposed to the multi-leveled spaces in large cities like New York and Shanghai. If you've been in an Apple store anywhere in the world, you know how overwhelming the layout can be with media stations everywhere, various checkout centers, and wall-to-wall accessories, speakers, headphones, and peripherals. The new design reduces the amount of clutter that customers are met with, creating a calmer and more inviting retail experience. The store shown is located in Northern California and there are plans to utilize the same architectural design in France and Oregon very soon.

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[via PSFK]