VNA Releases Issue 23 with Cover Art by Street Artists FAILE

Limited edition, hand-printed covers.


VNA Magazine(Very Nearly Almost) is a street art and graffiti publication printed in the UK since 2006. For Issue 23, they tapped Brooklyn duo FAILE to create a piece of artwork to adorn a limited run. The magazines have been printed and were allocated to be sold at events in London at Lazarides Rathbone on August 8 and in New York City at Jeff Staple's Reed Space on July 31. In addition to the cover by FAILE, the issue contains art by some of the biggest names in street art today as well as some of the future heavyweights in the culture.

VNA Issue 23 is also available (without the limited edition screenprinted FAILE cover) via the VNA website.

[via ArrestedMotion]

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