The love affair for Versace has found a new spark this past year. Not since the ‘90s have there been so many baroque prints and Medusa-head logos spotted on your favorite rapper. The over-the-top prints are in high demand and the fashion house is more than willing to serve you a plate of lavishness.

The 35th Anniversary Special Project Collection is a throwback to all your favorite things from the ‘90s combined: bubble jackets, Versace’s iconic prints, and a return of Notorious B.I.G.’s favorite shades with the Medusa-head emblem on the side. Down jackets, vests, and bombers comprise most of the outerwear. As for accessories, small items including rings, lighter holders, and pins will be available if you prefer to stunt on the low. With all these items combined you will practically a shoo-in for Illuminati membership. Hit up your local flagship locations to purchase.

[via Freshnessmag