The Hundreds and CLOT are two of the most revered names in streetwear, albeit existing on different continents. On their own, the brands’ releases garner enough hype and attention—but what if they were to collaborate?

Well, we don’t have to speculate anymore. The Hundreds has gone to Instagram to post a quick teaser of an upcoming collection with Hong Kong-based brand CLOT.

As of now, the images don’t lend much evidence to what the collection will contain, or what direction the pieces are headed in. But there’s a definite play between the American-Chinese connection between the two brands. They even went as far as slapping “Made in China” on the first preview—receiving backlash from fans who didn’t get the connotation.

Let’s hope the collection leaks soon, because with these two names coming together, there’s much promise in this collaboration.

[via The Hundreds]