Photos by Gregory Babcock (@GOBabcock).

Streetwear legend Supreme gathered a huge crowd in anticipation of the brand's Autumn 2013 drop. Pouring rain was just as common as Supreme five panels and Flyknit, as the line wound around three corners. The collection contains pieces like a collaboration Schott, a Nascar-inspired jacket with the inclusion of the Wise snack food logo, and an M-65 jacket with a Jean-Michel Basquiat's "Cassius Clay" adorning the back.

While many are there to pick up any and everything, a number of kids just came by to see the collection, looking to be the first to even hold the new pieces. Without a doubt, for some of those caught in line, they won't be going home with anything with the likely soon-to-be sold out collection. Leave it to Supreme to still cause kids to wait in line, even if the rain is going to screw up their precious sneakers.

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