Look—first and foremost, your sense of style should not depend on moving from one trend to the next. Yes, it's definitely fun and exciting to try new things, but if you're always shifting gears, you're going to be constantly stuck with a closetful of gear that you probably only wear once or twice before it becomes passé and lame. There are definitely ways to become stylish besides trend-riding, but in case you do truly like what's currently popping, here's how to recognize that something on the cutting-edge is about to be lamer than Andrew Bynum.

Trends come and go, and with the immediate dissemination of information and imagery online, they're now more fickle than ever. If you really want to temporarily commit to a trend, then learn when is the right time to bail so you don't get caught looking like a lethargic lamestain. To do so, make sure you pay attention to the 10 Signs a Trend Is Over.

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