Jay Z made headlines recently when he dropped the hyphen from his name, and now he’s making some more. According to WWD, Hov has been in “secret talks” with Barneys New York for a supposed collaboration set to drop during the holidays. But we all know how those “secret talks” turn out to be nothing but rumors.

In retrospect, Barneys NY has been doing a lot for the past two holiday campaigns. First there was a collaboration with Lady Gaga, and just last year, Disney animated fashion's biggest starts for its ad campaign. If there were to be a collaboration, the first thought that would come to mind points towards an ad campaign.

A clothing collaboration is not out of the question either. While we don’t see Rocawear-branded apparel hitting Barneys NY anytime soon, the Brooklyn rapper might get together with some of his favorite high fashion brands. He’s dropped Hublot in some lyrics before and even dedicated a whole track to Tom Ford in his most recent album. If Jay Z minus the hypen were to go the high-fashion collabo route, it wouldn’t be a surprise. The man has already dabbled in history changing Samsung partnerships, starting his own sports agency, and rapping inside art galleries, so anything is possible.

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