In today's bizarre news: A Pratt Institute-graduating shoe designer by the name of Divya Anantharaman is making shoes out of dead birds she killed and stuffed herself. Yup. The women's heels are part of Anantharaman's debut shoe collection, and are set to be unveiled this fall. 

Anantharam, who's appeared on the TLC Series My Strange Addiction, really is addicted to taxidermy, though. She's stuffed about 50 animals, and collected more off eBay and from friends, according to the Observer. Hm. 

Now, we know designers sometimes get creative with the types of materials they use for their designs. We've seen everything from rolls of tissue, recyclable items, and even trash, as per Christian Louboutin. But something about this is just too creepy. If we were to take a wild guess, we'd assume that it'd be uncomfortable having the bird's beak poking your foot. That's just a guess, though. 

If you're brave enough, and if you have a strong stomach, you can read about Anantharam's process here to find out exactly how she kills and stuffs animals. 

[via Styleite]