The Magna Carta is one the most important documents of all time. Created in 1215, most of the originals have since crumbled into dust and only four remain, one of which will be on display at the Clark Art Institute starting in August of 2014. State Representative Cory Atkins predicts a "huge boost in tourism" when the charter arrives. 800 year old documents that changed the course of history don't come around very often. 

Prior to making the move to Williamstown, the copy will be on display in Boston at the Massachusetts Museum of Fine Arts. Kathleen Morse, director of collections and exhibitions at Clark, had this to say about the temporary acquisition: "These documents rarely travel...I think the idea was that the Clark was a very good geographic counterpart to Boston to make this an opportunity to make it available to as many people in Massachusetts and the surrounding area as possible."

Mark this historic event in your travel calendars now.

[via BerkshireEagle]