Samsung Camerarecently held a photo contest via Instagram that they called "Live in the Moment." The winning photo was posted by user @bogdhan, a victory that came with a new Samsung NX300 as the grand prize. Before the prize could be awarded, the owner of the photograph, Indonesian photographer Hengki Koentjoro alerted the contest holders that the photo had been stolen from him, flipped, and filtered, even though Bogdhan had included the false hashtag "MyCommute" with the submission. Koentjoro supporters bashed the photo thief on his and @SprintCamera's Instagram and Facebook page and the company removed the photo and disqualified Bogdhan for copyright infringement. 

Bogdhan's Instagram profile has since been removed. Samsung Camera is still running their photo contest so for details on how to enter, check out their Facebook page here.

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[via PetaPixel/DailyMail