Stuart Sutcliffe is not a name that will come up that often when discussing the Beatles, but he was the original bassist for the group back until 1961 when he decided to return to his art studies. Harper's Books in New York City will host an exhibition of his art works starting this month entitled "Stuart Sutcliffe: Yea Yea Yea."

Curated by artist Richard Prince, the exhibition will include 21 of Sutcliffe's works on paper. Harper's Books reveals that, even though he is known for being a not-so-great member of the band, Sutcliffe was in fact a highly revered artist, showing in galleries as a teenager, gaining acceptance into the Liverpool Regional College of Art at age sixteen, and studying under Eduardo Paolozzi. He passed away shortly after leaving the band at the age of 21, but some of his works have survived and will be on display from August 10 until October 14.

Check out photos of the pieces over at the Harper's Books website.

[via RollingStone]

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