Well folks, New York Fashion Week—excuse me, #NYFW—is next week. Let’s all take a second to let out a collective groan in preparation for this impeccably well-organized clusterfuck, where no moment goes unphotographed, no photo goes un-hashtagged and no hashtag goes it alone (#NYFW #LincolnCenter #Fashion #MilkStudios #deadinside ). But, as it is our job to suffer through this shit that we try our best to make look cool, we will be bringing you the best and most up to date coverage of all the shows and scenes worth knowing about. Yet, even as pros of this shit, we still have some burning questions that deserve answering, both insignificant and slightly-less insignificant. After all, these are just clothes we’re talking about, people, and last time I checked no one has won a Nobel Prize for Swaggiest Lincoln Center Selfie.