In coordination with their "Soundings: A Contemporary Score" exhibition, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has launched a special interactive portion of their website. The site includes a selection of the "Soundings" found in the exhibition with MP3 files and information about the installations and works by artists including Susan Philipsz, Tristan Perich, Florian Hecker, Richard Garet, and Haroon Mirza. It also provides key information about the exhibition itself, on show now through November 3.

A unique feature of the website is the "Contribute" section. Visitors are given the opportunity to participate in the exhibition by recording and sharing a "sonic moment" wherever they are in the world and uploading it directly to the MoMA Soundings Soundcloud Dropbox. All of the sounds are geo-tagged and added to an interactive map on the website so that people around the world can listen to and experience a part of your sonic life. To learn more about the site and to contribute to the exhibition, visit

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[via ANIMALNewYork