Real car engines very complicated pieces of machinery, but this sculpture by Belgian conceptual artist Eric van Hove is on another level. After receiving a grant for artistic research and production from Cda-Projects, van Hove went to Morocco where he collaborated with 32 master craftsmen to forge the pieces needed to construct this incredible sculpture of a Mercedes Benz V12 engine. The work, entitled V12 Laraki, features 53 different materials and over 465 parts, all forged to replicate original parts from an actual V12 engine. We wont list all of the materials (Colossal does here), but van Hove did use at least ten kinds of wood, various marbles and granites, goatskin, lambskin, and a gemstone called "Tiger's eye" that we need to find immediately.

The engine is non-functional which is a good thing because it looks too amazing to be inside any car. For more information on the artist and this dope build, visit his Facebook page.

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[via Colossal]