Artist and director Miranda July has been conducting an email art project for the past several weeks now entitled "We Think Alone." Celebrities including Kareem Abdul-JabbarCatherine OpieLena Dunham, and Danh Vo forward emails on various topics (mostly mundane personal matters) and anyone who signs up can read the messages and see the attachments.  

Kirsten Dunst has been one of the more popular participants in the project so far. Recently, she forwarded an email from February that read as follows: "I bought this Elizabeth Peyton from Gavin and I wanted to know what the appraisal is for insurance. Thank you, Kirsten Dunst /Marie-Antoinette, 1994. EP 650. Sent from my iPhone." The Gavin in question is Gavin Brown of Gavin Brown Enterprises, a well-known and highly respected art gallery in New York City. The gallery held an Elizabeth Peyton exhibition last March, so Dunst must have gotten her hands on the piece early. The actress played Marie Antoinette in a 2006 historical comedy, which explains her interest in the drawing. 

The forwarded email does not say how much Dunst purchased the piece for, nor does it reveal the appraisal price, but the tiny glimpse into her art collecting piqued our interest. What other art has she collected that connects to her movie roles? Is there a wall of Spiderman and Melancholia paintings somewhere in her home? Hopefully she resisted buying any Virgin Suicides pieces because that's where we draw the line.

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[via WeThinkAlone]