Radar is reporting that Kanye West has pitched Anna Wintour on putting his daughter North and Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue. According to Radar's anonymous source in Kanye's camp (so, you know, the grain of salt you take this with should induce gout), "Kanye is determined to make sure baby North isn’t photographed by paparazzi then splashed across the world. He knows what he wants—a professional photographer and the cover of Vogue—nothing else."

Wintour's reponse has been "non-pulsed" and she seems "less than enthusiastic" about the whole idea. The source, who's remarkably in tune with Wintour's camp as well as Yeezy's, adds that "Anna is NO fan of Kim or any reality star appearing in the pages of the magazine." 

A normal man might accept the supposed polite and professional refusal from one of the most powerful media figureheads in the country. But remember, Kanye is a God, and he's refusing to back down like a mere human. Radar's remarkably investigative source claims that "He’s compiled the latest magazine statistics that show reality stars on the covers of fashion publications—especially Kim—can make sales go through the roof." Wonder if Donda did the creative direction on that PowerPoint presentation...

The situation has now reached biblical and potentially apocalyptic levels. A self-proclaimed God is facing off against a woman whose satanic disposition inspired The Devil Wears Prada. "Nuclear Wintour" has never been known to fuck around or concede much territory when she's in charge. Then again, Kanye has been doing nothing but destroying media guys recently, so who knows who's going to come out on top. 

“Kanye is convinced that he’s going to make this happen,” the source concludes. 

[via Radar]