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You’re probably sick and tired of hearing how K-POP IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD WOW IT’S SO COOL LOOK AT THIS CRAZY VIDEO DAMN THE GIRLS ARE SO HOT—and you’re most definitely sick and tired of “Gangnam Style.” And yet: K-pop is still very much a thing, it’s the rare music genre that’s on the uptick worldwide, and yes, we actually do listen to and enjoy it.

That’s why we came up with the genius idea of ranking The Best K-Pop Album Covers Of All Time. Well, at least we thought the idea was genius—until we actually started going through the archives to research this post. Most K-pop album covers, to be frank, suck pretty hard.

That said, we were still able to curate a definitive list of 20 K-pop album covers that we think stand out from the rest. To fill out the list, we had to cut some Complex faves (sorry 2NE1 and Jay Park fans) and replace them with a few choices off the beaten path. But don’t worry, dudes: Girl’s Generation is on here….

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