Favorite brands: Hood By Air, Been Trill, KTZ, LPD New York, 40 Oz. NY, Anything on Tumblr

A$AP Rocky was right: Clothes got weirder. But they also got less colorful, and more #influenced by Internet culture than ever. Brands like Hood By Air, PYREX, LPD New York, 40 Oz. NY, and Been Trill owe much of their fame to Tumblr users and Internet-savvy kids on Instagram. Stunting online became much more prevalent than doing so in real life, and you started seeing these kids pop up at underground parties and high-profile events like fashion week in New York, London, and Paris. Two middle fingers in the air? That's pretty much the new attitude of streetwear.

1. 40 Oz. NY x Been Trill Hat
2. Hood By Air x Been Trill T-shirt (Bought from V-Files shop)
3. PYREX Flannel (Refreshed RSVP Gallery site 100 times in order to cop)
4. KTZ Shorts/Leggings Combo
5. Nike Lunar Flyknit Chukkas