If you listen to Drake's music, you know that he's a man of loyalty and is down with those who helped him get to where he's at now. The Toronto native obviously wasn't talking about clothing. Although we've seen Drake sport more than enough gear from the '90s in recent times, it appears he has a new favorite brand—Highland.

You may be familiar with the outdoors brand that lands between legitimate outdoors gear, streetwear, and, frankly, clothes that look fly. The other day, Drake killed it at OVO Fest. While everyone was fixated on Kanye West coming out on stage, Drizzy wore a metallic bomber jacket from the brand's spring/summer 2014 collection. But that's not all: He also posted an Instagram of himself in a plaid flannel shirt with matching shorts—redefining the Canadian tuxedo.

Let's hope Drake is brave enough to break out one of the brand's mountaineering looks.

[via highlandus]