Damien Hirst has just added two new buildings near his studio in England. With the help of UK firm Designscape Architects, Hirst has acquired two impressive structures that seem more fitting for a lab technician than an artist: the Science Studio and the Formaldehyde Building.

The Science Studio is the largest artist production space ever created—or in Hirst's case, an enormous factory. It also houses a private gallery and a high-security art store, according to the building's plan. While the inside of the building is all business, the facade is more playful. Designscape used strips of reflective tape to decorate the exterior of the window-less aluminum building. Depending on your point of view, the shiny lines alternate from blue to green, like the changing surface of turquoise water.

The other structure, the Formaldehyde Building, sounds like a dream home for a mad scientist. It was designed for Hirst to create his dead animal works that rely on the harmful chemical like his famous encased shark, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone LivingThe glazed white bricks look unassuming face-on, but one corner of the building tapers off into an extremely sharp angle. We can only imagine that these two new additions are part of an ever-growing Hirst empire of art.

[via Dezeen]