It's all about the game right? Not the cheerleaders, not the bands, not the tailgates, not the relentless hype, and definitely not the uniforms. Right? Riiiiiight. 

College football is a great game, but the pageantry plays an unmistakable, central part to the fun of it all. It's about the game, sure. Any real football fan knows that ‘Bama will have no chance of repeating if they can’t replace an offensive line that lost three starters, including two first round picks and Rimington Trophy winner Barrett Jones (you did know that, right?). But it is about the cheerleaders and the bands, and the tailgates (maybe not the relentless hype), too. And it's about the uniforms. Certain college football uniforms—Alabama, Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame—are integral parts of those schools' football identity. Not for nothing, you're actually supposed to root for the uniform, right?

In the past few years companies like Nike and Under Armour have made a new sport out of new college football uniforms. From outlandish takes at UA’s flagship school, Maryland, to envelope-pushing designs at Nike’s alma mater, Oregon, to a new take on the Fighting Irish’s classic duds, college football uniform design has undergone a revolution in the past five years. 2013 is shaping up to be another banner season. With the season kicking off tonight, here’s a look at The 25 Best New College Football Uniforms This Season.

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