Levi’s Commuter collection always appeals to me. I love technical details and workwear, so aesthetically I’m in. But it’s the lifestyle that hooks me. I wish I rode to work every day, except I work from home, so I’d have to ride my bike to the bathroom every morning and that isn’t the same as cruising through a city on a cool ass bike. I’d also like to think that, assuming I did commute on a bike, I would ride in slightly inclement weather and situations that the Commuter collection is designed for. But c’mon, the minute it started to sprinkle I’d realize I have a car. With air conditioning. And speakers that make French Montana yelling out neighborhoods I’ve never heard of sound even more amazing. So yeah, fuck bikes. THAT HOODED TRUCKER THOUGH. If you don't have a car, check out Levi's Mobile Bike Shop Tour.