"Art Within One Mile" is a walking art tour designed by artist Bundith Phunsombatlert on commission by the New York Department of Transportation. Using global-positioning coordinates and photographs, Phunsombatlert created 80 signs to be placed around the city during the Summer Streets project that featured directions to art pieces at various points in the city. Some of the art signs featured a photo of the piece and a guide to let the hunters know how far each piece was while other signs had only an image and an arrow. Some of the works included on the tour are Keith Haring's mural a Greenwich Village pool, Tracey Emin's Roman Standard in Soho, and Bernard Rosenthal's Alamo (The Cube) at Astor Place.

Phunsombatlert is currently raising money for next year's project and is already collecting information about works in the outer boroughs to expand the hunt.

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[via WallStreetJournal