One of the craziest style-related news stories this year revolved around a woman stabbing the living crap out of her boyfriend with a pair of high heels. And today, in more crazy shoe news, we learn that feet are contorted in crazy angles by high-heeled shoes. A new 3D scan video shows that women go through crazy pain and torture from the angles a pair of heels puts on their foot bones.

The scan shows that a woman's weight is shifted forward when she wears a pair of heels and puts all the pressure on the sesamoids, the bones that are underneath her big toe. No wonder there are so many women in pain looking to get rid of hammer toes, bunions, and corns. Are heels the modern day version of foot-binding?
Watch the video above to see the excruciating pain a woman's foot goes through every time she gets a boost from heels.
[via io9]