Yes the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has gotten a lot of flack in the past. Despite how important their job is, they make mistakes. However the TSA has decided to let people know what would get onto planes if they didn't do their jobs.

The TSA has started an Instagram account that shows all the crazy sh*t people try to sneak into the skies. There are pictures of beautiful moments like loaded guns, a stun gun disguised as a pack of cigarettes, and a grenade. They confiscate this stuff on a daily basis. Below we have some Instagram pictures they have posted since this past Friday.

Although the Instagram account is new, the TSA has maintained a blog since 2008 telling stories about objects they have retrieved as well as the struggles of keeping up with criminals who are getting smarter by the day. Although the blog goes into more detail, perhaps seeing the images helps make the knowledge more real. So far the Instagram has almost 10,000 followers.

[via Petapixel]