13. Marina Abramovic

Exhibitions: Announced that she will create a movie about James Franco's life (February 25), impromptu appearence in Jay-Z's performance art piece at Pace Gallery (July 10)

In early March, Marina Abramovic was honored at Mana Contemporary's first annual Collector's Dinner for her contributions to performance art and visual culture. At the dinner, she discussed the progress her Marina Abramovic Institute in Hudson, NY has made, and how it will truly act as a space to explore and participate in performance unlike ever before. She also announced real plans to make a movie about James Franco's life, which she apparently has full creative control over.

The art world has been hanging on to her every word, despite the fact that she's had no exhibitions this year (not counting her standout pieces with Sean Kelly Gallery at Frieze New York and Art Basel), and just yesterday, she surprised literally EVERYONE with an appearance at Jay-Z's performance art taping at Pace Gallery. The two rotated around one another on a platform, making history as rap and performance art met fully, perhaps for the first time in such an institutional setting. For someone as established and seemingly transcendent as Marina Abramovic, a performance with Jay-Z isn't exactly unexpected, but it was more momentous than anyone could have imagined. She continues to remain important, in and out of the art world, and Robert Wilson's theatrical piece about the artist,  "The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic" at the Park Avenue Armory (December 12-21), couldn't come soon enough. -Cedar Pasori

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