The art world is embracing new mediums. In March, the first Vine art was sold at the Moving Image Art Fair. Next month, MoMA will unveil their first exhibition entirely on sound art. Technology is taking over the museum.

That goes for social media as well, of course. While Tumblr has the monopoly on actually showing works of art, Twitter has become a space for artists to engage with their audiences beyond their creations. A year ago, arts writer Ben Valentine penned (typed) a piece for Hyperallergic called "Twitter as Art," where he asserted that artists use Twitter in three ways: to promote their works á la Andy Warhol, as a source for creating artwork, or as performance art itself. Because Twitter is dominated by pop culture (see: all the Royal Baby buzz yesterday), it is also a forum to artists to play with the relationship between high and low. Our favorite tweeters hilariously mix the white walls of the art world with whatever is hot online, and they make up our list of The Funniest Artists to Follow on Twitter

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