You already know that Monitaly and Yuketen are churning out seriously ill gear that takes inspiration from vintage Americana and takes it in wild yet still wearable directions. What you may not have known is that the team behind the brands, led by designer Yuki Matsuda, has an umbrella business called Meg Company that oversees these two brands, and does various work for many others. 

Luckily for us, Meg Company is branching out beyond simply managing brands and just opened up an online shop where you can peruse all the offerings from some of its labels. Grizzzly Store (with three z's) is the retail extension of the agency, and is now the must-visit e-stop for anyone looking to cop gear from Yuketen, Monitaly, Chamula, Epperson Mountaineering, and Santo Domingo. Some of these brands may have already been on your rader, and now Grizzzly Store is the online shop to cop them all.

[via MegCompany]