Ralph Lauren’s love for all things Southwest goes far past his collections. Did you know that his RRL collection is actually named and designed after his humongous ranch in Telluride, Colorado? And it's so exclusive, even Oprah had to wait a long time before she got invited to the pristine piece of land. And for the rare others who have been visitors of the ranch know that the designer has set up some serious teepees for his guests every summer. 

Fortunately for curious fans, one lucky guy who got to work on one of these teepees has decided to share his experience on Flickr. Amazing is the only word that can describe it. Just forget about everything you learned from Boy Scouts. For starters, this teepee has a chandelier instead of a fire pit. The interior is lined with antique leather chairs, desks, blankets, and a bed. If living outdoors was this cool, everyone would be camping. Of course, Mr. Lauren has the bankroll to make all this happen. Check out the flicks above.

[Flickr via A Continuous Lean]