Pusha T definitely has been paying attention to headlines pertaining to organized crime in Italy. When he took the stage at the 9th annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, the G.O.O.D. Music member was rocking an AC Milan jersey with "Camorra" printed on the back. Here's why:

Camorra is the name of the Mafia-like organized crime syndicate that operates in Naples, Italy. Mario Balotelli is an incredibly talented and controversial soccer player who currently plays for AC Milan, an Italian soccer powerhouse. Their connection is a strange one, but it's what Pusha T was alluding to when he performed in his custom jersey.

Back in 2011, Balotelli's name bizarrely came up during a trial in which members of Camorra were on trial for money laundering. According to Armando De Rosa, a member of the Vanella Grassi clan that operates in the northern suburb of Scampia, Balotelli sold drugs while visiting the area in 2010. Balotelli denied this, and grouped it with the other wild rumors and controversy that always seem to fly around him.

De Rosa's testimony went on, and the informant claims that the sale happened when Balotelli visited Scampia with members of the Vanella Grassi clan. So why was a man estimated to be worth $35 million slinging yayo and H? 

De Rosa testified that, “after having helped in the sale [of cocaine and heroin] and, as a joke, he asked if he could sell some himself. He handed them over to the next addict that came by.” De Rosa even had some fun during the alleged sale. “I even remember that we asked the drug addict whether he recognised Balotelli, but he didn’t believe it was him.”

Bizarre, but thanks to Pusha T, we're all reminded that sometimes the (alleged) truth is stranger than fiction.