German artist Jonathan Meese landed himself in court for an art performance gone incredibly wrong. Earlier this year during a performance, Meese pretended to perform oral sex on an alien prop that had a swastika painted on it. As if that wasn't left-field enough, the artist proceeded to give the Nazi salute to the crowd, causing the audience to leave in disgust. Meese was taken to court because although Germany has freedom of speech, they also have a law that prohibits the salute and other "symbols of unconstitutional organisations."

Meese believes that he is innocent because what he does "on stage and in the name of art is protected by the artistic freedom clause." The case is still underway so things could go either way, but BBC News reports that this may not be the only time Messe has used the gesture in his performance. It will be interesting to see which law wins out and what that means for the future of German performance art.

Unfortunately, there is no law against faking oral on an alien.

[via BBCNews]

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