There are a lot of things about the fashion industry that go unnoticed or that are swept under the rug (sometimes on purpose). But one thing is clear: This is a superficial world. Editors, designers, brand publicists, marketing gurus, and anyone else involved push unreal and unattainable standards of beauty and body shapes. Take for instance the idea that if you're not sample size, you're an extraterrestrial being. We know that's not true, though, and we've come to realize that even celebrities and models don't always look the way they do in magazines. But, the struggle for perfection is real and what the industry wants, the industry wants. 

This is where Photoshop comes into play. The photo enhancing software, as anyone who's ever had a red eye in a picture will know, allows for easy retouching. A simple click on the Liquify Filter, Bloat Tool, or Paint Brush Tool does wonders. But unlike these people who hilariously used the software to incorporate their favorite celebrities in their photographs, the fashion industry can take it a little too far. In an effort to make everyone a size zero, models lose their waist lines, legs don't line up with hip bones, and faces are blatantly copied and pasted onto thinner models' bodies. In certain cases, the slip-ups—extra hands, missing legs, and floating body parts—are just ridiculous (and pretty funny).

As these 10 Horrible Model Photoshop Fails will show you, not all things are how they appear. 

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