The Invisible Man Liu Bolin took his disappearing art to Queens last month to the 5pointz Aerosol Arts Center. As we covered previously, the iconic graffiti center faces demoltion by its owner to make room for luxury condominiums.

Bolin spent four hours standing in front of a mural by Meres One entitled "The Jungle" and underwent his usual process of suiting up and being painted head to toe by four realist painters, all while documentary photography Alex Brown captured the process. In an email to the NYTimes, Liu stated that "developers conspired with each other and, as a result, money and materials might replace the spirit of freedom in 5 Pointz." Bolin's own home was once destroyed by the Chinese government, an incident that became the catalyst for his performance photography.

The performance is the latest in Bolin's "Hiding in the City" photo series.

[via ArrestedMotion]

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