Love him or hate him, Kanye West is a cultural trendsetter. Look no further than his collection with APC that dropped yesterday, causing a fuss over its prices yet making everyone wish they had tried to cop at least one of the tees. Beyond style and music, Kanye has put on a lot of visual artists, if not simply by bringing them to an audience outside of the art world. In a time where Jay-Z is probably teaching a lot of kids who Marina Abramovic is, it's pretty incredible when you examine how musicians influence and promote the strictly fine art world. 

Back when Kanye used to blog, he was giving people a candid taste of his inspirations, perhaps as he was planning projects and releases. While he doesn't anymore, we remember the days when he name-dropped a mix of unknowns and legends in the art game. Maybe you already know about these, but maybe you don't. Check out 15 Artists We Discovered Thanks to Kanye West's Old Blog and learn about these creators before you're late.

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