If you only know one furniture manufactuer, it should be Herman Miller. Although the name might not be familiar, the company is responsible for popularizing iconic pieces that populate our daily lives, like ergonomic seating (a.k.a. your pricey office chair). Design staples like the Eames Lounge Chair and the Marshmallow sofa may not have gained such noteriety if they weren't produced by Herman Miller. We also have Herman Miller to thank (or curse) for the cubical.

In an effort to explain why they have dedicated 108 years to manufacturing innovative design, the company has started a series aptly named, "WHY." The digital platform explains what the leaders at Hearman Miller saw in designers like Charles and Ray Eames and Isamu Noguchi. Artists, illustrators, and videographers have agreeded to deliver creative videos to bring these stories to life.

To get the ball rolling, Dutch animators at Part of a Bigger Plan were given the epic task of summarizing Herman Miller's 108 years in the game. Using archives as well as graphic work by Irving Harper, they made this charming video, "108 Years of Herman Miller in (108 Seconds)." Watch the video above to see the history of a company that revolutionized furniture design as we know it.

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