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Tunisian-Italian, French-born fashion designer and photographer Hedi Slimane has had quite a storied career. Though in his early life he aspired to be a journalist, he found himself, at just 28 years old, as the ready-to-wear director of acme design house Yves Saint Laurent. His ascension continued from there when he was named creative director of Dior Homme in 2000. Ever inspired by music, he had 200 speakers installed in the ceiling of the atelier. His focus on music has become so broad and intertwined with his other concentrations, it's almost too difficult to keep track of every musician he's photographed, clothed, or commissioned. His declaration that "fashion = music + youth + sex" adds to the reasoning behind most of what he’s done as a designer. He’s been granted a seemingly unlimited access to whatever musician currently suits his fancy. With that in mind, we bring you A History of Hedi Slimane's Photography Collaborations with Musicians.

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