Yes, there are exhibitions displaying works made out of drugs and shows with works celebrating drinking, but a show featuring "goldfish aquarium art" is still really strange. But strange has never deterred Hidetomo Kimura who has made it his job to make aquarium art. The "art aquarist" again sees his mysterious, yet charming installations displayed for all to see in his exhibition "Edo -- the coolness of Goldfish."

Held at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo, the strange exhibit has been a big hit with crowds, so it has been held each year since its first showing in 2011 which marked the centenary of the Nihonbashi Bridge. But this year will see 5,000 goldfish throughout 17 installations displaying 70 aquariums. Part of the magic of the exhibition comes from the light which illuminates traditional Japanese designs on the fishbowls. 

The exhibition also has video installations, just in case the aquariums aren't insteresting enough by themselves. Last year the event saw more than 200,000 visitors and they anticipate more in 2013. Once the exhibition is done during the days, it becomes a musical lounge in the evenings and on weekends. That's when it's called "Night Aquarium." We've heard it all.

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