89plus is a program started by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist that highlights young artists. It gets its name from its policy of only promoting artists born in or after 1989. The program is collaborating with DIS magazine, forming the name DIScrit 89plus, to create two grants that will be given to talents in many different mediums. However the catch is that you have to be within a certain age of a familiar singer that's bright like a diamond:

DIS Magazine’s website states:

“Hosted on dismagazine.com, DIScrit 89plus offers visionaries #YoungerThanRihanna the opportunity to present their work to critics, curators, and peers. Create a profile and upload work, or just browse the applicants. Grants will be awarded by an international jury and a popular vote! Click the + sign to nominate an artist for the popular vote award.”

The winner of the first grant will be selected by an international jury including Francesco Bonami, Mr. Castets, Mr. Obrist, and other big names. The grants will be worth €15,000 ($19,300) and their work will be showcased at an exhibition during the fall. Remember, 1989 is the key date.

All you have to do is create a profile on DIScrit 89plus, upload up to three images of your work to the site, and check it over before before publishing. You have up until midnight on August 16 to work on your profile. The moniker #YoungerThanRihanna is a play on the New Museum’s title for its triennial, “Younger Than Jesus,” that only featured showed artists under 33. 

[via GalleristNY]