At the age of 18, people are just graduating high school and ready to enter college—or straight into the real world. After getting that out of the way, maybe getting a real job or own a business. For Phil Post he already has that: He's been running his label Dertbag since he was 13. You might know it as the brand really obsessed with Cam’ron. Just recently he opened up his first shop inside Arcade Mall in Bridgeport, Connecticut. If you thought he was stopping there, think again.

For the newest Dertbag drop he has collaborated with his own dad, artist Frank Foster Post, on a selection of T-shirts and long sleeve tees. Each featuring his pop's original artwork. Of course, it’s not a Dertbag collection without some hip-hop references. But this time it’s not Killa Cam. Instead there's a T-shirt featuring an all over print graphic of Gucci Mane’s infamous ice cream cone face tattoo

You can visit the Dertbag website to cop the latest drop, better yet, check out the newly-opened store. The shop will be open from July through December with working hours from Wednesday through Saturday. Stop by and give some daps to the kid.