There are a million different products, or at least it feels like it, that attempt to sell you on the concept of instant. They sell you the dream that you can be a slob and bing on fast food, and, with the snap of your fingers, can instantly transform into someone with rock-hard abs. But is that really the case?

A personal trainer looks to debunk the infamous before-and-after transformation shots that so many weight-loss companies use to sell their "miracle" products. Posted by Daily Mail, the trainer shows a series of exercises and other tips such as shaving, dimming the lights, and changing into a better-fitting set of swim trunks, that can instantly transform you from Johnny beer and burgers to the swoll bro who can steal your girlfriend even though he wears TapouT T-shirts. 

Surprisingly, in just one hour, the trainer is about to do squats, bends, and lifts that allow him to suck in his protruding gut just enough to make people believe he's in great shape. We're not sure if we're more surprised that he can magically make himself look ripped, or that's he actually a personal trainer. Either way, is this evidence enough to get diet companies to run for the hills? We'll have to wait and see.

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[via Daily Mail]