The collaboration between French brand A.P.C. and Kanye West officially dropped Sunday, and we covered it extensively. If you found yourself with some trouble attempting to enter what Jean Touitou called Kanye's "kingdom of dopeness," you might have found solace in the fact that you could "pre-order" items that were believed to be sold out.

As you can imagine, more people attempted to pre-order the goods than what would actually be available, and we have reports of people getting e-mails back informing them that their order had been cancelled entirely. Now, if you go back to the site, every single item is listed as sold out—even the Been Trill graphic tee that hasn't made it into stores yet.

The news for people who successfully copped isn't so good either. We called the stores who said that people whose orders had been submitted would have to wait two to three months to have them fulfilled. Some NYC stores had odd sizes in pieces like the jeans and T-shirts sin stock, and still might be receiving a restock, but if online is your only option well... you can always try eBay.